Welcome to Northern Lincolnshire and Goole

Welcome to Northern Lincolnshire and Goole

We’d like to welcome Karen to Northern Lincolnshire  and Trust. We asked Karen a few questions about her experiences of relocating to the are and her time with us so far…

Role: Pre-registered Nurse
What does your job involve?

 As a Pre-registered Nurse we give care and comfort to our patients, we prepare and administer medications under direct supervision of a Registered Nurse throughout the process. We also perform procedures on our patients with strict guidance from our preceptors or a registered nurse on duty. Unless we pass the NMC Test of Competency Part 2 (OSCE), we cannot assume the role of a registered nurse. While we are still a Pre-Pin Staff Nurse we get the privilege to do classroom training and lectures twice a week whilst experiencing the clinical setting on our respective wards twice weekly as well. Not only we are being prepared for our OSCE but also Trust ready so that once we have our Pin we can fly on our own wings.

How have you found working at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole?

For the past 4 weeks now being part of Northern Lincolnshire and Goole I felt very welcomed and I enjoy every moment that I am here especially with the help of my colleagues on Ward 24. Everyday I develop and learn new skills from them and never felt that I was left-out. Starting from the recruitment team, ward colleagues and manager and to our OSCE trainer they were very supportive to us. It’s been an amazing journey and we’ve been welcomed with arms wide open, this was a relief from all the worries that we had before we joined.

What are the best things about living in this area?

 When I arrived in Scunthorpe at first I was a bit anxious because its a new environment to be in. But as of now living here is a good thing, its like living a simple life even away from our true country. I find it easy to adjust with regards to the area because most of the people here greet you nicely and their smiles are priceless. I am not fond of the busy, fast-paced environment so living in Scunthorpe is an awesome thing for me. I get the peacefulness I want and at the same time can visit the town center for shopping and my favorite coffee shops. All in all I would really recommend for others to be here and experience the simple, calm and friendly side of Scunthorpe.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

 Well, like what I’ve said earlier I enjoy going to town-centre to do some shopping-  it’s a girl thing.  Outside work me and my friends sometimes go to other places to take souvenir photos of the beautiful scenery in this area and neighboring areas. There are also Filipino communities here who have welcomed us. They’ve thrown some barbecue parties for us all.