Pharmacy’s role is to support the safe, effective and economical use of medicines for all our patients.

We do this with teams of highly trained clinical pharmacists (including independent prescribing pharmacists), clinical pharmacy technicians, pharmacy support workers and additional support staff who specialise in different aspects of medicines use. 


Pharmacy provide a comprehensive array of services with the overall aim of ensuring that we get the right medicine at the right dose to the right patient at the right time throughout the Trust. Medicines safety is of paramount importance so part of our role involves regular monitoring of the patient’s condition by ensuring the necessary checks and blood tests are performed. Most importantly we help patients understand what medicines they need to take, when to take them, what they are being used for and educate them about possible side effects. Pharmacy have a trustwide responsibility for ensuring high quality medicines management and safe and secure storage of medicines.

We are a successful Pharmacy Department in a Trust which has given Medicines Management a high priority. We have outsourced our outpatient dispensing, implemented electronic medicines management for all inpatient wards and commenced implementation of electronic prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA), We have recently invested in building a brand new Aseptic suite to ensure we have the most up to date facilities to manufacture high quality products in accordance with strict regulations.

From a patient’s admission to the day they are discharged our pharmacy team manage their medicines.

There are a number of exciting careers within the pharmacy department at NLaG, ranging from apprentice pharmacy support workers, clinical pharmacy technicians to clinical pharmacists, non-medical prescribers, teacher practitioners and beyond.

Career development within pharmacy is excellent with very straightforward progression routes.

We have invested heavily in new technology such as robotic picking which has significantly improved the efficiency and safety of the dispensing process. Further investment has been made in information technology to allow access to our systems at the patient’s bedside resulting in a more ‘personal’ Pharmacy service. We continually explore new and innovative ways of working to best meet the needs of our patients.

The Trust has also entered into an innovative partnership with Lloyds pharmacy, who now dispense prescriptions from outpatient clinics, allowing a more familiar ‘community feel’ for patients. We have an onsite Lloyds pharmacy at all three hospitals in Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole.

The trust also has our own aseptic preparation suite allowing us to prepare chemotherapy and total parenteral nutrition products for patients across the trust.

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