NLaG People – Donna Higgins

This morning we’re finding out more about Donna Higgins as part of #NLaGPeople. Donna was also a winner at our most recent Our Stars award ceremony! ?

Name, job role and how long you have worked here?

Donna Higgins, Clinical Nurse Educator in Surgery & Critical Care in Grimsby, I’ve worked in this role for three years but worked in Critical Care at Scunthorpe for 13 years.

In a nutshell what does your average day at work entail?

It’s so varied – I could be teaching nurses and students or supporting newer members of the team on ITU, training staff on new equipment and I’m occasionally spotted on wards being a ‘real nurse’. I’m involved clinical projects and some aimed at creating a positive workplace.

What are you most proud about working at NLaG?

I’m most proud of the strong support network we have at NLAG. We are really trying to create a place for staff to feel happy, or feel confident to say something if they aren’t. The opportunities for training/developing our current workforce and increasing the workforce is amazing! New roles like Trainee Associate Nurse or Advanced Care Practitioners are really going to put us on the map and improve care for our patients.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I can often be found walking my little Yorkie or taxi’ing my teenagers wherever they need to go. I study quite a lot as I’m doing a Masters in education – it’s really opened my eyes to how we can make learning far more exciting!

What’s your favourite film?

Love Actually – makes you laugh, cry and gets you into the Christmas spirit (even when it’s not Christmas), you never know, maybe one day Liam Neeson will bump into me at a school play!

What’s your dream holiday destination?

Switzerland – I’ve visited briefly for a training course and would love to go back as a tourist. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen which is saying something considering I grew up beside the River Clyde in Scotland.

Jam or marmalade?

Marmalade…with butter!